I am Gloria, an Italian artist and graphic designer born in Italy in 1992 and currently based in London, UK.

Since late 2005, I have been working with erotic art, both from the female and male point of view. I only use black ink in order to create utterly iconic illustrations that bring some of the most private sides to the surface, revealing a distinct story and inviting the spectator to endless contemplation. Through my dotted work, I reflect my key inspirations: History, Religion, female sexual empowerment, and self-discovery. In the end, what I do is simply translating my thoughts and feelings into images.

I’m trying to express myself and my vision of the world using different personal references, my aim is to transmit something to whoever is watching, although there isn’t a right or wrong interpretation of my work, since everyone has a different point of view and experiences, the most important thing is for it to arouse feelings.